July 2009

This mom does not like messes. I do indulge my kids–playdough, mud puddles, roasted marshmallows, ice cream cones, popsicles. But I cringe with every second.

Popsicle brand has now introduced Slow Melt Popsicles.  “. . . a touch of gelatin makes the fun last longer than our regular pops!”



Do they not realize that the longer it takes something sticky to melt, the higher the odds for a bigger mess? What group of mothers did Popsicle survey for this bright idea? The box should include the disclaimer “Popsicle waives responsibility for clean up.”

Now if Popsicle could create a “NO melt” popsicle, they would have more friends than they can shake a stick at! (Ha! No pun intended.)


Jacob: My secret identity is a super hero. I have lips that can stretch to outer space.

Mom: Why do you need lips that stretch to outer space?

Jacob: I might want to kiss God.

This is how life is supposed to be: Ordered . . . But what fun would that be?

This is how life is supposed to be: Ordered . . . But what fun would that be?

This is how life with Jacob and Zachary IS . . . Now that's fun!

This is how life with Jacob and Zachary IS . . . Now that's fun!

I just experienced 5 Minutes of the most wonderful kind of Peace.

The near 3 year old fell and cut his lip AND bonked his nose. Blood. I layed him down on the bed to comfort him (and stop the blood flow). Zachary was quite calm and quiet.

Big brother came in to check (making progress there). I felt that Zachary was going to fall asleep. I asked Jacob to go to the living room and wait quietly. He did (more progress).

I lay with Zachary, stroking his face and chest and “shhhing.” After about 5 minutes, Zach was alseep. It was so sweet to lay by my littlest boy (who soon no longer be a baby) and coax him in to quiet sleep. Thank you God for sending me this right when I needed it.

Zacahry has not napped for over 6 months! (And the other boy stayed quiet.)

Week 1, Day 3 Again (July 12, 2009)

Alright people. I admit it. I am definitely a couch potato.

Today I jogged the first 3 rounds of jogging–ONLY. I walked the rest of the way.  Again, I do not think this program is design for us true couch potatoes.

I just can’t  do this thing! It’s ok though. I feel good about it. I will walk for a while. Which is more than I have been doing. I’m getting out there and doing something. That’s good. I feel better about it–it’s not a chore, and I’m moving.

Thus, Iwill not write about my walking experience. That’s not too funny! When I am up to the Couch Potato program, I’ll try to pass some humor your way. Maybe I can encourage you and together we can get healthy.

Week 1, Day 3    (July 11, 2009)

Today I made it 8 minutes! I’m supposed to be improving.

I had to walk the rest of the way. I did walk. But I do admit, I had to sit down with 3 minutes left and 2 blocks from home.

Again today I was surpassed by a senior citizen. And who sweats on the TOP of their wrists!

This program was not designed for couch potatoes. I think I’ going to die running up one flight of stairs! I am so pitiful. I am not even average or normal. What can be lower than a couch potato? A couch? Maybe I better enroll in that chair yoga class! Uff da!

Week 1, Day 2 (July 8, 2009)

After completing day 2, I lay on a park bench recovering. I look up in to the tree leaves. Soon the leaves begin to flutter in an unexpected way. “Am I dying?” I wonder? The I see multiple little yellow butterflies twittering about. “Yep, this is it. I’m dying–I’m seeing heaven. And, I’ve gone to my death as a couch potato!”

But then . . . My vision clears. I realize that these are ordinary butterflies. My breath calms, as does my heart. I live to rise from the couch another day!!

Today I made it 13 minutes  & 10 seconds. It actually went ok. And only 5 minutes to recover! I think I will have to do Week 1 at least two if not three times! I CAN do it.

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