June 2009

Emma (who will turn 11 any day now) has several chores around the house. She is responsible for feeding our 2 cats and cleaning their litter box. Emma is not good about cleaning the litter box.

Yesterday I was in her room. She has been very good recently about cleaning her room and keeping it picked up. Her bed is made and clothes are put away. I said her room looked good and that she was showing responsibility. I commented that she has been quite responsible lately with all her chores–except the litter box. Emma said that she lacks on the litter box because it is not in her bedroom.

I opened my mouth and said, “Ah ha!” Emma clicked into my thought right away! I said that I would put the litter box in her BEDROOM–then for sure it would get clean!

Needless to say that she did not like this idea.


In the five minutes that I left the nearly 5 year old alone, he:

  • pooped in his pants*;
  • broke his bracelet, spilling beads all over the floor;
  • knocked the chore board off the wall;
  • cut a tomato seedling in half with a scissor (got the scissor off the top off the fridge first);
  • changed the time on the face clock (there is no cover);
  • tried to cut the second hand on the face clock; and
  • cut the Father’s Day card given by his sister.

*(Pooping in his pants is a surprise–he has that part of potty training accomplished.)

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Jacob will be 5 years young on September 8. Here is an example of what these little guys know at so young an age!

Jacob helped his dad take a quiz on Facebook: Name the logo. Jacob knew most of them. Maybe not exactly the company names, but he knew what they represent.  For example,  Jacob did not know “Nike” but he knew the logo was for shoes; he did not know “Windows” but he knew the logo was for computers; he did not know “Pepsi” but he knew the logo was for pop. I think he got 8 out of 10.

They aslo know slogans. When we drive by Subway sandwich shop he quotes the slogan that is quoted on Public TV.

Last night at 9 pm, little Jacob comes from bed (not yet asleep) to tell me: “Sunlight travels 93 million miles to ripen and dry the fruit that we need to help our help our bodies grow strong and healthy. I thought you would be curious about that. . . . .”

Moms, now here’s YOUR test. What is the sunshine slogan for?

When we first moved to our house, Emma was 4 years. We did not have a play set outside. Emma was invited to use the play set two doors over. It contained 2 swings, one slide and one rope.

Three years ago we inherited a large outdoor play set from our church.  In fair weather it is used daily.

After we adopted our BIG play set, the neighbor removed the swings and slide from their SMALL play set. It now hosts two seat hammocks (for the adults of the home).

Since this spring, Jacob (soon to be 5 yrs) and his neighbor friend Shane (8 yrs) are more often found camped out at the top of the SMALL play set. Since the ladder was removed, they use a toy car to hoist themselves up to the platform.

Go figure!

(Notice the collection of tiny green apples atop the platform of the small play set.)

Last night I enjoyed a terrific visit with my God son and his wonderful family.

William will celebrate his 9 year birthday this next Thursday. He becomes more amazing each time I see him.

William, his older brother and I were discussing the “qualities” of a parent versus a child. Matter of factly William says, “If parents are nice, the children will pick a good nursing home.”

Need any more be said?!