5 Minutes of Life

No Stopping This Gal!

No Stopping This Gal!

I saw this senior citizen in the grocery store.



This post is dedicated to Betsie. Thanks for laughing at and with me.

It has been over a year since I have used this blog. Life with the cave boys continues to be busy and stressful.

And it is because of the darling cave boys and the darling princess that I have decided to dedicate time to this blog once again. They provide me with plenty of material! The purpose of this blog is to blow off stress and in turn hopefully help you blow off stress as you read about the antics in this crazy American family.

I have also come to realize the true value of asking for (and taking) 5 Minutes Please.

Can you say



It’s my own fault, really. I am too good of a mom! I cater to my children. I put them first . (I say this light-heartedly/in fun. And I know that this is my own problem–not a fault of the kids.) And in catering to them and not taking the 5 Minutes I so naturally need to have a proper bowl movement and pushing it back too many times, I have been gifted with Hemorrhoids!

Starting now, each child will have to fend for themselves while I take 5 Minutes to poop!!

I have been playing with my kids for over a week.

I made paper “gold coins” and shamrocks. I drop some on the floor at least once a day,exclaiming, “A Leprechaun must have been here! Look! He left more gold!” They come running every time! Then I say, “I’m going to catch that Leprechaun!!”

I was worried that my 4 year old is on to me!!

Today, that Leprechaun has been playing tricks in our home. From turning the milk green to rearranging furniture. The cave boys are both home today (1st grader is ill). The 4 year is enjoying this day. Now I have him convinced that the Leprechaun is indeed real. Any little thing that is out of place, is blamed upon the Leprechaun. And everything appears to have been turned to green through his eyes!!

Today is a good St Pat’s Day for me . . . Not so much for the Leprechaun!

Shortly after my daughter and her friend came home from school, I spotted that naughty Leprechaun. I chased the Leprechaun up the stairs as he dropped gold coins and shamrocks on his way. The children heard me shouting, “Catch him! Where is he?! Did you see that Leprechaun run by? I’m going to get him!!”

Ha ha! We caught that naughty little Leprechaun. Now, what to do with him?
I have included a video for you to see what that Leprechaun has done to our home!

Monday was Pi Day. Thursday is St Pat’s Day.

Today is the 3rd month of the year and the 16th day.

Today is John 3:16 Day.

God’s Word says,

For God so greatly loved and dearly prized the world that He [even] gave up His only begotten ([a]unique) Son, so that whoever believes in (trusts in, clings to, relies on) Him shall not perish (come to destruction, be lost) but have eternal (everlasting) life.

I found this version in the Amplified Bible. I do not read this Bible, but the message is even more beautifully proclaimed!! I appreciate how it demonstrates that YOU are wonderfully loved.

Now I want you to re-read God’s words, out loud and insert your name where it says world. Go ahead. I’ll wait . . . You ARE worth it . . . .

For God so greatly loved and dearly prized the MY NAME that He [even] gave up His only begotten ([a]unique) Son, so that whoever believes in (trusts in, clings to, relies on) Him shall not perish (come to destruction, be lost) but have eternal (everlasting) life.

Share this with someone you know. A family member, co-worker, clerk at the store. Help spread the Good News! Share the Holy Goosebumps!

December 9-12, 2010
Snow Storm leaves Minnesotans in 20 inches of snow, below zero temps and winds, impassable city streets, stuck cars and closed schools.
So what do you do when your preschool is closed for the day and it’s too cold to go outside??
You push the couch aside, set a blanket in front of the snowy window, add your plants, turn on the Christmas tree lights, and have an indoor picnic with mom!!!

The Yummy Spread

Ah--Snow? What Snow? I'm Enjoying My Picnic.

Mom & Zach

November 23, 2010
First Snow Fall that Accumulates and Counts!
What do we do in Minnesota when snow arrives? We do not let it slow us down. We still have to get our play in. Or is that out? Depends on how you look at!

We create our own version of olympic sports--Curling with An Ice Chunk on the Driveway.


Snow Man Building Competition

A little snow on the slide? Doesn't bother us. Just shovel it off first.

Tire Throwing


Cute Kid Competition!

Cute Kid Competition!

Foot Prints on the Moon Competition

Mom gets in some Sun Rays and a "little" vitamin D while she judges the events.

When my siblings and I hit the teen years, my mother started saying: “If I die, you’ll all follow 3 days later.” The “you” included my father. We all thought, “ha!”

Now that I am a wife and mother, I get it! Geesh!

See, the little things just don’t take care of themselves. I’ll give you just a few examples:

  • Change the toilet paper roll . . . with plenty of notice
  • Change the hand towel in the bathroom and kitchen
  • Laundry (do I need to mention this one?)
  • Throw away the dirty diaper lying on the floor
  • Push the trash down in the garbage can so it does not fall out (it won’t bite and you can wash your hands!)
  • Straighten and sort the receipts
  • Keep the social calendar and make play dates
  • Send birthday cards, holiday wishes and the such on behalf of the family
  • Plan family birthday celebrations—Including my own
  • The 12 year old girl will not go to bed unless I tell her. (I am slowly training the father to direct her to go to bed.)
  • My groom of 16 years will not go to bed until I come to bed. He needs more sleep then I do, but if I do not join him until 1 am, he’ll still be up.

There are other times that I feel my hubby is invisible to the children. Fellow Moms, I know you can relate:

  • At the dinner table all requests are directed at . . . MOM.
  • In the middle of the night when a dear child comes to our room in need, who do they wake? MOM.
  • Additionally, who do they wake in the morning demanding breakfast? MOM.
  • Who do they ask to help them with “xxxxx?” MOM.

You have also heard the expression, “God couldn’t be everywhere so he created mothers.” And now you know why.

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