“Look Mom,” says three year old Zachary. “There’s a potato chip truck.”

Now, stop and think about that. I’ll wait.

On Oct 15 Zachary helped carry in the groceries.

"Look Mom. I'm A Potato Chip Man."

Now, stop and think about that from the short life and the handful of experiences of a three year old (whose birthday was just 2 days ago).

I did not ask him what he thought about the potato chip truck. I had had enough chatter for the day.

But, think about a potato chip truck in your wildest fantasies. No consequences. No strings attached.

I am sure that 3 year old Zachary knows that potato chips come in a bag. He’s been on grocery shopping trips and helped to unpack groceries at home.

In his short life, 3 year old Zachary knows that potato chips are a treat.

In his short life, 3 year old Zachary knows that potato chips are handed out in small quantities in his house.

But, 41 year old mom, who is stressed, works hard all day and does not get many indulgences because she always has to set an example, has a few fantasies about that potato chip truck.

Like I said, no consequences, no strings attached.

I enter this potato chip truck. Inside are your every day, plain potato chips (because I like the good old fashioned, unadulterated chips).

They are not bagged. They are just sitting there waiting for me. Each one is perfect in color, texture, size and saltiness.

I will not have any physical consequences for eating as much as I want. No tummy ache. No weight gain. No heart problems.

There are zero little kids watching me. This time I do NOT have to set an example.

Potato chips ARE truly one of man’s greatest inventions!