December 2009

Today I helped in the kindergarten room. Loved it! The students talked about following the rules so they can be good first graders.
Asking Jacob about this later he replies, “Yea. And first graders kiss.”
How does he know? “I seen them.”
Is this a good thing? “Yes.”

Additionally, I met a little girl who told me with tears in her eyes that “When Jacob and I are grown ups we are still going to be very good friends.”

Further investigation at home with Jacob revealed that “Not just friends, Married.” Who’s idea? Her’s, Jacob’s or did they both agree to this? “We both agreed.”

(I have not heard any tales of this young gal. I will put this in Jacob’s journal and we’ll see what the future holds.)


Zachary says, “We’re going to punch down the tree.” (see natural cave boys)
Jacob replies, “No, we’re not strong enough to punch down the tree.”

Ha! Little do they know, that if the two cave boys put their mind to it, they absolutely COULD punch down the tree!!

When was the last time you had a meal at an old person’s home?

By old I mean retired and probably over 70.

By a meal, I think I exaggerate. Their meals are so small. Why is that? Why do they eat less food? Have their stomachs shrank over time? Why? Or could it be that they have less to do so they need less energy by way of food? (i.e. they are not physically and mentally chasing little kids.) (However, my mom seems to always be chasing—she is a very busy volunteer, has a disabled daughter and a husband who is old before his time.)

Now, by no means do I need a 4-course meal. There are those who live to eat. You know, those who have a love affair with food (in a healthy way). They really enjoy good food.

I eat to survive. I eat out of physical necessity. However, I like a good well-balanced meal—all the food groups. And lunch, lunch is my big meal of the day. I chase a 3 year old around and then after school I have the rambunctious kindergartener and a pre-teen to deal with.

So, when my 3 year old and I went to my parents’ house for lunch, I forgot that my parents are officially “old.” They don’t eat much. I thought I was sitting down to a snack. After 2 hours I was famished.

Of course I did not say anything to them and I hope they do not get offended if they read this. Different seasons of our life. I am sure that my time will come.

When I got home, I had to have a snack . . . and now I need another one to catch up!!

So, how much lunch will an older person munch when an older person munches lunch? Not Munch!