I speak to you about the various hues “5 Minutes Please . . . ” comes to play in my daily life as a stay at home mom.

It can represent my need to use the bathroom, my desire to have peace, moments of “ah-ha” when I “get it” (through the miraculous grace of God) or my child “gets it,” or the time it takes a pre-school aged child to call about chaos!

At times, “5 Minutes Please . . . “ can totally elude me. I thought perhaps to title this “Mom Theology” or “Child Theology.” Are these thoughts my reasonings or a child’s reasonings? Or, perhaps, they are just simply life.

Sometimes a negative episode of “5 Minutes” can pile up on another . . . and another . . . and another. You know what those days are like. On the better hand, the Lord steps in and rescues us all with multiple “5 Minutes . . . .of Peace.”

I intend to focus on the fun and trials of raising a family. I may diverge.

It is all intended in fun. Perhaps I can bring you a little joy and ease your daily battle by bringing you “5 Minutes Please . . . “


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