May 2009

This conversation took place the day after mother’s day. That was filled with crabby kids. As well, this morning was filled with endless chatter, questions and requests. The conversation took place at 1:00 pm.

Zachary is 2 and 3/4  years young.


Zachary: Mom am I going to college?

Mom: Someday.

Z: Are you going with me?

M: No way! You go all by yourself.

Z: I want you to go. . . . Will I drive a car?

M: If you have money to buy a car, you will drive a car at college.


Fifteen more years with this child! Lord help me make it through!


pictureThank God for female preschool teachers (and elementary ed teachers).

Mother’s Day: I don’t know about you, but it’s the main reason I send my kids to school.

In my family the husband/dad falls very short when it comes to being sentimental. Now, don’t get me wrong. He was in to all that stuff when he was courting me. He is also lacking in “helping” the kids to show their affection to mom. It has taken me a long time to “get over it” because I like gifts and more so, I like to be shown that I am appreciated.  And I admit that it has been hard for me to get over the lack of cards and gifts from my kids when it comes to Mother’s Day, my birthday and the like because the hubby knows that I expect it.

Today I thank Miss Sarah. Today when I retrieved Jacob from preschool he had a gift box for me. “Open this! Open this!” (It’s cool that the little ones can’t wait because I can’t wait either!) Jacob made a beautiful dragonfly necklace out of sparkling beads. I asked if I could wear it right then. I wanted to show it off while running errands! You should see it when the sun hits it! Ooh!