The Cave Boys

Dress it Up a Bit

Remember that I made a sponge cake for the kids for April Fools day?? It worked!! Hee hee!!

My 12 yr daughter made plans to spend the night at a friend’s home, so I had to show her the cake. She saw the cake and then I showed her the pictures in reverse–as if un-decorating the cake. Her response, “That’s gross.”

The cave boys? Watch this . . . .

I do not think they really made the connection to the “sponge cake” but they did get that this little cake just wasn’t quite right. They were fooled.

And of course, I did follow up and treat them to the real thing.


I so love to tease . . . and surprise.

Today is April Fools Day! I know it’s going to be a long day because the 4 1/2 year old will milk this “holiday” ALL DAY LONG! And he doesn’t quite getting the joking thing. So, being the good mom I am, I’ll have to go along with it ALL DAY LONG.

But I am going to get the kids good!! I made them a sponge cake. Now, in their short lives, they have had little experience. I do not think they have encountered sponge cake–so my April Fool trick might not go over as big as it should. Oh, well! I’m doing it anyway!! Be sure to come back tomorrow to read about the “playing out of the April Fool’s trick!”

Making the “sponge cake” . . . .

The Ingredients

Making the Cake

Frosting the Cake


And because I am a paper crafter, I dressed the cake up with this cake wrap that Eleanor created. You can find it at her on-line store, SVG Shop. (Love Eleanor’s creations, by the way!)

Dress it Up a Bit

REMEMBER, to come back tomorrow to read about the “playing out of the April Fool’s trick!”

This is an old post that did not get posted. Hope you enjoy it.
At the time, Jacob was 6 ½ years. Zachary, 4 ½ years.

Brushing Up on Your Grammar
Be Aware of What You Put In Your Mouth
According to Jacob, my boys don’t take vitamins. They eat bite-amins or suck-amins!

According to Zachary, people use smokerettes.

Feelings, Oh-oh-oh, Feelings
It is fun to listen to the boys singing the songs of the pop artists that big sister Emma listens to. They know most of the words to the songs of “chick” singers like Hannah Montana, Katy Perry, that Firefly Guy, Tiao Cruz, Bruno Mars. Emma does play & sing them A LOT!

Katy Perry has a song called “Fireworks.”
Zachary sings: “Have you ever feeled like a plastic bag . . .”

I corrected Zach saying, “We say felt. Have you felt. You do not feeled. A field is where cows graze. Have you ever felt like . . . ”

Zach replies: “No, not that kind of field. Like you feeled it on your tummy.”

The God’s Teaccings According to Zachary
It is hard to know when the little ones grasp God.
One Sunday we were on our way home from Church and Zachary said, “You know God is everywhere. God’s in our body. God is pushing our heart.”
Fair enough. Then he said, “You can talk to God, but if you use bathroom words, He won’t listen to us.”
We have good teachers at our church!

In the Science Lab with Jacob
Solids Versus Liquids
Jacob tells me

When asked if Pluto planet? He replies, “It is a dwarf planet.” But does not know what that means. And that is the end of it! “Don’t ask!”

I asked him if he learned about the “new planet?”
“We’re not going to learn that.”

I let my 4 year old watch a movie on my laptop IN my craft room. He knows the rule: “Don’t touch anything in mom’s room.”

He is still very oral and puts everything in his mouth.

Alas, he munched on this finished card. He took the fibers off and chewed them up separately! I guess the fibers warranted their own attention! Fortunately, I had not yet posted the card in my on-line store. At least I can still use the cone.

Are you looking for handmade cards to warm the hearts of friends and family? Please visit Krista’s Paper Cafe at

Mom and Zachary are at the store.
Zach: Can I buy that?
Mom: You don’t even know what that is.
Zach: I still want it.
Mom: What would you do with it?
Zach: Put it up some place high where Jacob can not get to it.


Every parent dreams of the time when their child reaches the level of self-entertainment: well-behaved, quietly playing on their own.

But parents be aware. There is such a thing as “too quiet.” Just when you think you are getting 5 Minute’s peace, it comes back to bite you . . . . . .

Jacob, 14 months later--tooth finally had to be pulled

Lost Tooth
Nov 15, 2008
Jacob was running ON the kitchen counters, fell hitting his teeth on the floor and out popped a front tooth with it’s root. The dentist met us at the office (on a Saturday) and pushed the tooth back in.

16 herbs & spices

Air Freshener
Nov 18 & 25, 2008 (yes, twice!)
The boys breached the security of the kitchen. 16 herbs and spices smell nice and pretty.

Zachary, what did you do?!!

Green/Brown Boy
April 8, 2009
“Mom, Zachary colored on himself!” calls out big brother. I’ll say!!

Oh nooooooo!

Blue Boy or Equal Time
May 1, 2009
“Mom, Jacob colored on himself!” calls out little brother. Argh!

Oh yes, he remembered to color his eyes AND ears AND mo–uth AND nose, head, shoulders, knees AND toes, knees AND toes!

So, the next time you think about sneaking away for 5 Minutes, consider the following:

They liked the decorating. They liked walking in their new footwear . . . for 5 Minutes.

Those of you thinking about trying this with your kiddos, there are two things you should know:
#1 the openings in the tissue boxes hurt your legs
#2 depending on the child, the boxes are not very sturdy

Where the Wild Things Are

Zachary's wild feet

Jacob's wild feet

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