Week 1, Day 3 Again (July 12, 2009)

Alright people. I admit it. I am definitely a couch potato.

Today I jogged the first 3 rounds of jogging–ONLY. I walked the rest of the way.  Again, I do not think this program is design for us true couch potatoes.

I just can’t  do this thing! It’s ok though. I feel good about it. I will walk for a while. Which is more than I have been doing. I’m getting out there and doing something. That’s good. I feel better about it–it’s not a chore, and I’m moving.

Thus, Iwill not write about my walking experience. That’s not too funny! When I am up to the Couch Potato program, I’ll try to pass some humor your way. Maybe I can encourage you and together we can get healthy.