I just experienced 5 Minutes of the most wonderful kind of Peace.

The near 3 year old fell and cut his lip AND bonked his nose. Blood. I layed him down on the bed to comfort him (and stop the blood flow). Zachary was quite calm and quiet.

Big brother came in to check (making progress there). I felt that Zachary was going to fall asleep. I asked Jacob to go to the living room and wait quietly. He did (more progress).

I lay with Zachary, stroking his face and chest and “shhhing.” After about 5 minutes, Zach was alseep. It was so sweet to lay by my littlest boy (who soon no longer be a baby) and coax him in to quiet sleep. Thank you God for sending me this right when I needed it.

Zacahry has not napped for over 6 months! (And the other boy stayed quiet.)