February 2009

I think God is trying to give me a message about my kids. I have another addition to this and the last post.


I was taking a phone survey today. The interviewer asked me, “Do you receive a paycheck?”

Without thought the answer came to me. “No.” I said and then continued, “I am paid in love.” And I said it with a genuine smile.



I am so thankful that God keeps tapping me on the shoulder and reminding me that even though this time in my life is a bit tough, I AM truly blessed.

Priase the Sovereign God!!


Coincidentally, two days after my last post (Prayer for . . . Parent), I read a great picture book with my two young boys. It has a wonderful message. The book is Tough Chicks by Cece Meng, copyright 2009. I may have to write a fan letter!

I highly recommend the book.

And as an added note, next time you are in public and

1. Your kids are wild, support them and yourself knowing that “They are good!”

2. Someone else’s kids appear to be wild/mean/out of control, support them with the benefit of doubt that perhaps “They are good!”  (you never know what battle they may be fighting)

Do enjoy and stand up for your children.

Healthy children make lots of noise.

They sing, they shout, they belly-laugh, they fight, they bang things together, they bounce things, they cry, they scream, they make lots of noise.

They play loud.



God, bless my healthy children.

Give me new ears, ears that hear the music of their noise.

Give me new understanding, understanding that doesn’t crush their spirits with my intolerance and oversensitivity.

Give me new peace, a peace that is grateful for the sounds created by healthy children.


(I did not write this. It was once in Dear Abby. She did not write it either.)