This post is dedicated to Betsie. Thanks for laughing at and with me.

It has been over a year since I have used this blog. Life with the cave boys continues to be busy and stressful.

And it is because of the darling cave boys and the darling princess that I have decided to dedicate time to this blog once again. They provide me with plenty of material! The purpose of this blog is to blow off stress and in turn hopefully help you blow off stress as you read about the antics in this crazy American family.

I have also come to realize the true value of asking for (and taking) 5 Minutes Please.

Can you say



It’s my own fault, really. I am too good of a mom! I cater to my children. I put them first . (I say this light-heartedly/in fun. And I know that this is my own problem–not a fault of the kids.) And in catering to them and not taking the 5 Minutes I so naturally need to have a proper bowl movement and pushing it back too many times, I have been gifted with Hemorrhoids!

Starting now, each child will have to fend for themselves while I take 5 Minutes to poop!!