This is an old post that did not get posted. Hope you enjoy it.
At the time, Jacob was 6 ½ years. Zachary, 4 ½ years.

Brushing Up on Your Grammar
Be Aware of What You Put In Your Mouth
According to Jacob, my boys don’t take vitamins. They eat bite-amins or suck-amins!

According to Zachary, people use smokerettes.

Feelings, Oh-oh-oh, Feelings
It is fun to listen to the boys singing the songs of the pop artists that big sister Emma listens to. They know most of the words to the songs of “chick” singers like Hannah Montana, Katy Perry, that Firefly Guy, Tiao Cruz, Bruno Mars. Emma does play & sing them A LOT!

Katy Perry has a song called “Fireworks.”
Zachary sings: “Have you ever feeled like a plastic bag . . .”

I corrected Zach saying, “We say felt. Have you felt. You do not feeled. A field is where cows graze. Have you ever felt like . . . ”

Zach replies: “No, not that kind of field. Like you feeled it on your tummy.”

The God’s Teaccings According to Zachary
It is hard to know when the little ones grasp God.
One Sunday we were on our way home from Church and Zachary said, “You know God is everywhere. God’s in our body. God is pushing our heart.”
Fair enough. Then he said, “You can talk to God, but if you use bathroom words, He won’t listen to us.”
We have good teachers at our church!

In the Science Lab with Jacob
Solids Versus Liquids
Jacob tells me

When asked if Pluto planet? He replies, “It is a dwarf planet.” But does not know what that means. And that is the end of it! “Don’t ask!”

I asked him if he learned about the “new planet?”
“We’re not going to learn that.”