January 2009

Are you multi-lingual? I am!


English Language

My kids also speak English. Surprisingly, they often do not understand me!


Caveman Speak

My kids speak Caveman. They expect me to understand them. When I speak Caveman (cavewoman—or yelling in layman terms), sometimes my kids respond.


You’re Interrupting My Life! Language

Have you seen the movie Bolt? You know the part where the dogs in the pound get a hold of a ball? The attendant on duty responds with something like, “I’m reading . . . . I just . . I’m . . .5 Minutes . . . Oh come on . . . I’m read . . . . Whaaaat? . . . .Agh . . . I’m COMING!” Though often used, this lingo is not really expected to get a response.


The Un-Named Language (of course)

You know when you do not want you kid to touch something or do something and you are reacting quickly? It comes out something like, “Ah Ba ba ba ba Ah aaa Eh eh Ba ba ba.” It is often accompanied by a pointing finger. You know. I think only moms can do this—not dads.


Unspkoken Language

Again, this in one that only the moms have mastered. We know what our child wants or thinks almost before they think it. It is fun to see the amazement on their face when “caught in the act.” Or to see the love when we get them what they want before they have completed their sentence.



Most of all, I like to believe that I speak love to my children. They may not realize it until after the fact, late in the day, or until they are grown.



“If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say, Don’t Say Anything at All” quoted by Mom 

I also have to remind myself that it is for Love that I am a Mom and thus is best to watch what comes out of my mouth!


Lisa Berry is a DJ on a Minneapolis Christian radio station.


I know we are already half way through January, but  . . . .


One day before Christmas, Lisa Berry encouraged listeners to choose a song that would guide us through the 2009 year. What a wonderful idea!  (This instead of or in addition to a new year’s resolution.)


So, I am passing that idea on to you. Perhaps you may even want to print it out and hang it where it can be a daily reminder. (Maybe next to the bathroom mirror or the door you last you go out each day.)


I have chosen Mercy Me’s song “Bring the Rain.”

This song spoke to me the first time I heard it last fall. Even at that time, I asked the Lord to keep the song in my heart and to own it and strive to live by it. The chorus especially speaks to me. I do just want the chance to be free. And I strive to find the freedom and peace in even those daily things that bring me pain so that I will turn them around to give God the glory.


(I am not sure about putting the lyrics on the internet for copy right reasons. So I encourage you to look up the words. You can go (to another radio station) to find the lyrics. www.KLOVE.com)



Heard in the library (on the same day!!)

2 year old exclaims in a loud voice: “I farted.” But follows it up with “Excuse me.”

(I’ve taught him something! Proud moment!)

4 year old is in the bathroom. Mom is waiting in the hallway. 

4 year old exclaims in a loud voice: “Mom! Check my butt!”

(And, I’ve taught him something! Proud moment!)

Four year old advice:

If you get an owie on your butt:

You do not need a band aid, nor do you need to stay in bed.

You DO walk around with no clothes on until you butt gets better!

*Crave: Wanting So Much More of God by Chris Tomlinson

*The God Cookie by Geoffrey Wood

The Road

*The Lovely Bones

The Virgin Suicides

The Time Travelers Wife

*Demon: A Memoir by Tosca Moon Lee

*Havah by Tosca Moon Lee

*Chosen: The Lost Diaries of Queen Esther by Ginger Garrett

*The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory (part of The Other Boleyn Girl series)

*I Recommend Starred Books

What is more fearful than a 3 inch centipede?

What if your 1 ½ year old got a hold of the centipede?! Can you imagine? I will leave the details up to you.

The fearful part is, having to clean up the child and the mess. A dismantled centipede is worse then one that is hanging around your house!

originally written May 14, 2008