October 2009

A neighbor had this construction tube sitting on their lawn, with a sign marked free.

I knew it was there from an earlier car trip. I thought that the tube would be a great TOY for the kids. My imagination certainly started to run wild.

Driving home with the kids in the car, I pulled over and stopped in front of the tube.

“Where are you going, Mom?” the 5 year old cave boy asked.Picture 232

“Hold on.”

The boys, age 3 and 5, were sitting in their car seats in the back seat of a small car. I took the tube, brought it to the car and opened the back door.

Placing the 4 ½ foot tube across their laps, they asked, “What is this?”

“Oh, I thought you might like to play with this,” I replied.

You should have seen the smiles that beamed across their faces.

They are currently playing with it—in the house.

Thus far it has been a ride, a weight, a ramp for toy cars.

They have crawled all over and IN it.

Standing it on end, they have filled it with whatever they could get their hands on.

They walk around the room wearing it over their heads.

It’s a great hiding place.

One crawls inside and the other rolls him around.

And I now hear Dad getting in on the action! Dad spins the kid in the air—inside the tube! Then Dad dumps them out on to the couch.

The best part is that they are getting along as if they were the best buddies in the world.

I think I am going to buy a whole ware house of these and market them as a toy!!


A friend sent me one of those chain emails.  It read:

This will show you how powerful prayer is. Look at the picture (st. theresa), read the prayer and then make a wish and read the prayer again . . . . Send to 11 people . . .

Usually I ignore these things. But, I have been thinking about my faith. I believe that Christians should stand up for what they believe, and should actively advocate those truths put forth by God.

Other “walks of life” (religious and other) outwardly speak their mind about what they believe. They are even welcomed (even as far as advocated) in the school system, whereas Christianity is taboo.

Christianity is also a form of diversity.

Christians should not be afraid to “offend” others. And, yes, we can and should do so sensitively. We should indeed be proud. We should wear our faith on our sleeve. We are called to.

I told my friend that I am not going to participate. I truly believe that God answers prayer. Oh it is so powerful! However, my God works through knee mail, not email!

The Cat in the Hat,
I do not claim to be
As spotting the ball
On the stair, I did NOT see

I cannot stand on a ball
As it lay on the stair
And balance the laundry
From up top to down there

I and the laundry
We came crashing down
In quite a quandary
Less graceful then a clown

Nor the curses that flew from my mouth
Could I rhyme
As I tripped on that ball
Just bigger then a dime

My husband he stood there
His mouth all agape
As the boys, at bottom
Could not make their escape

My injury, owie!
My pain, how immense!
I expounded more cries
As my body grew tense

I said it before
I’ll say it again:
“Do Not Leave Your Toys on the Stairs!!

Picture 219