Every parent dreams of the time when their child reaches the level of self-entertainment: well-behaved, quietly playing on their own.

But parents be aware. There is such a thing as “too quiet.” Just when you think you are getting 5 Minute’s peace, it comes back to bite you . . . . . .

Jacob, 14 months later--tooth finally had to be pulled

Lost Tooth
Nov 15, 2008
Jacob was running ON the kitchen counters, fell hitting his teeth on the floor and out popped a front tooth with it’s root. The dentist met us at the office (on a Saturday) and pushed the tooth back in.

16 herbs & spices

Air Freshener
Nov 18 & 25, 2008 (yes, twice!)
The boys breached the security of the kitchen. 16 herbs and spices smell nice and pretty.

Zachary, what did you do?!!

Green/Brown Boy
April 8, 2009
“Mom, Zachary colored on himself!” calls out big brother. I’ll say!!

Oh nooooooo!

Blue Boy or Equal Time
May 1, 2009
“Mom, Jacob colored on himself!” calls out little brother. Argh!

Oh yes, he remembered to color his eyes AND ears AND mo–uth AND nose, head, shoulders, knees AND toes, knees AND toes!

So, the next time you think about sneaking away for 5 Minutes, consider the following: