Zachary has always been a text book baby/child. Since 3 months before his third birthday, he has definitely been a true Three-Year-Old. Lots of emotional ups and downs. More temper tantrums then one would care to remember. Exhibiting very bad as well as very good behavior. Much, too much whining. The three-year-old stage is very challenging. (Twos are over rated, threes, under rated.)

Zachary has been the one you go to when you were having a bad day. He always wore a contagious smile and would voice just as contagious a laugh. He had extremely pleasant manners and was always kind.

When Zachary hit the three year stage . . . not as much.

I am sure it is as hard for him as it is for us.

But, we are still gifted with the sweetness and kindness of Zachary. I know that the “good” boy is going to win out!!

We use our kids as alarm clocks. We sleep until they come and get us. And to no avail, they will come and get us—no later than 7:30. (I know, a luxury compared to some.) They will not quietly play upon waking. I think that the boys think, if they are up, mom and dad should be up. It works though.

This morning my sweet Zachary appeared at my bedside to tell me he was awake and ready for breakfast. As I was righting myself, he said, “Here mom. Here is your headband and your glasses. I’ll get them.”

He has never done that before.

You see. That sweet, “good” boy is still inside.

I was touched by his thoughtfulness. I more so welcomed his awareness that mom dons these two items upon waking. Zachary has always been quite observant and aware of his surroundings. That has taken a back seat as of late.

I was so pleased to know that all of those favorable qualities are still within Zachary.

On a side note:
As of late, it been tough rearing the two cave boys. They have been quite selfish, argumentative, competitive, knit-pickers, and mean. It’s hard to accept that. Every parent wants their child to be “good.” ONLY. PERIOD.

God has been telling me to chill out. It is yet, another phase. I know that they are good boys. They are still very young. They’ll get there. They’ll put it all together—properly!

To be tangibly reassured of that is what I needed with Zachary’s wake up call this morning.

Thank you, Zachary.

Thank you, God.

(December 30, 2009)