I have been playing with my kids for over a week.

I made paper “gold coins” and shamrocks. I drop some on the floor at least once a day,exclaiming, “A Leprechaun must have been here! Look! He left more gold!” They come running every time! Then I say, “I’m going to catch that Leprechaun!!”

I was worried that my 4 year old is on to me!!

Today, that Leprechaun has been playing tricks in our home. From turning the milk green to rearranging furniture. The cave boys are both home today (1st grader is ill). The 4 year is enjoying this day. Now I have him convinced that the Leprechaun is indeed real. Any little thing that is out of place, is blamed upon the Leprechaun. And everything appears to have been turned to green through his eyes!!

Today is a good St Pat’s Day for me . . . Not so much for the Leprechaun!

Shortly after my daughter and her friend came home from school, I spotted that naughty Leprechaun. I chased the Leprechaun up the stairs as he dropped gold coins and shamrocks on his way. The children heard me shouting, “Catch him! Where is he?! Did you see that Leprechaun run by? I’m going to get him!!”

Ha ha! We caught that naughty little Leprechaun. Now, what to do with him?
I have included a video for you to see what that Leprechaun has done to our home!