Who needs to join a health club?! I go to Vacation Bible School!

This is a new and improved kind of health club. VBS feeds your heart, body, soul and mind!

We ease in to our workout while learning God’s story and plan for us while we sit around a campfire. We learn that we are very important to God.
We play games. And everyone wins!
We VBS-ercise (exercise). And no one tells you you can’t do it or that you weigh too much. (Best yet, no scales here!)
We explore our creative side with crafts.
They even feed us healthy snacks!
We end our workout with a nap, serenaded by Miss Heidi and her gi-tar (guitar).

Best of all we make good friends. Wait, even better: We are ALL friends!

I need more Vacation Bible School. Sign me up for THIS health club!