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At the time, Jacob was 6 ½ years. Zachary, 4 ½ years.

Brushing Up on Your Grammar
Be Aware of What You Put In Your Mouth
According to Jacob, my boys don’t take vitamins. They eat bite-amins or suck-amins!

According to Zachary, people use smokerettes.

Feelings, Oh-oh-oh, Feelings
It is fun to listen to the boys singing the songs of the pop artists that big sister Emma listens to. They know most of the words to the songs of “chick” singers like Hannah Montana, Katy Perry, that Firefly Guy, Tiao Cruz, Bruno Mars. Emma does play & sing them A LOT!

Katy Perry has a song called “Fireworks.”
Zachary sings: “Have you ever feeled like a plastic bag . . .”

I corrected Zach saying, “We say felt. Have you felt. You do not feeled. A field is where cows graze. Have you ever felt like . . . ”

Zach replies: “No, not that kind of field. Like you feeled it on your tummy.”

The God’s Teaccings According to Zachary
It is hard to know when the little ones grasp God.
One Sunday we were on our way home from Church and Zachary said, “You know God is everywhere. God’s in our body. God is pushing our heart.”
Fair enough. Then he said, “You can talk to God, but if you use bathroom words, He won’t listen to us.”
We have good teachers at our church!

In the Science Lab with Jacob
Solids Versus Liquids
Jacob tells me

When asked if Pluto planet? He replies, “It is a dwarf planet.” But does not know what that means. And that is the end of it! “Don’t ask!”

I asked him if he learned about the “new planet?”
“We’re not going to learn that.”


December 9-12, 2010
Snow Storm leaves Minnesotans in 20 inches of snow, below zero temps and winds, impassable city streets, stuck cars and closed schools.
So what do you do when your preschool is closed for the day and it’s too cold to go outside??
You push the couch aside, set a blanket in front of the snowy window, add your plants, turn on the Christmas tree lights, and have an indoor picnic with mom!!!

The Yummy Spread

Ah--Snow? What Snow? I'm Enjoying My Picnic.

Mom & Zach

November 23, 2010
First Snow Fall that Accumulates and Counts!
What do we do in Minnesota when snow arrives? We do not let it slow us down. We still have to get our play in. Or is that out? Depends on how you look at!

We create our own version of olympic sports--Curling with An Ice Chunk on the Driveway.


Snow Man Building Competition

A little snow on the slide? Doesn't bother us. Just shovel it off first.

Tire Throwing


Cute Kid Competition!

Cute Kid Competition!

Foot Prints on the Moon Competition

Mom gets in some Sun Rays and a "little" vitamin D while she judges the events.

I let my 4 year old watch a movie on my laptop IN my craft room. He knows the rule: “Don’t touch anything in mom’s room.”

He is still very oral and puts everything in his mouth.

Alas, he munched on this finished card. He took the fibers off and chewed them up separately! I guess the fibers warranted their own attention! Fortunately, I had not yet posted the card in my on-line store. At least I can still use the cone.

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When my siblings and I hit the teen years, my mother started saying: “If I die, you’ll all follow 3 days later.” The “you” included my father. We all thought, “ha!”

Now that I am a wife and mother, I get it! Geesh!

See, the little things just don’t take care of themselves. I’ll give you just a few examples:

  • Change the toilet paper roll . . . with plenty of notice
  • Change the hand towel in the bathroom and kitchen
  • Laundry (do I need to mention this one?)
  • Throw away the dirty diaper lying on the floor
  • Push the trash down in the garbage can so it does not fall out (it won’t bite and you can wash your hands!)
  • Straighten and sort the receipts
  • Keep the social calendar and make play dates
  • Send birthday cards, holiday wishes and the such on behalf of the family
  • Plan family birthday celebrations—Including my own
  • The 12 year old girl will not go to bed unless I tell her. (I am slowly training the father to direct her to go to bed.)
  • My groom of 16 years will not go to bed until I come to bed. He needs more sleep then I do, but if I do not join him until 1 am, he’ll still be up.

There are other times that I feel my hubby is invisible to the children. Fellow Moms, I know you can relate:

  • At the dinner table all requests are directed at . . . MOM.
  • In the middle of the night when a dear child comes to our room in need, who do they wake? MOM.
  • Additionally, who do they wake in the morning demanding breakfast? MOM.
  • Who do they ask to help them with “xxxxx?” MOM.

You have also heard the expression, “God couldn’t be everywhere so he created mothers.” And now you know why.

Mom and Zachary are at the store.
Zach: Can I buy that?
Mom: You don’t even know what that is.
Zach: I still want it.
Mom: What would you do with it?
Zach: Put it up some place high where Jacob can not get to it.


What is it with men and their modern toys? We women will never get understand.
The guy kitty-corner uses his leaf blower for hours on end. He IS quite meticulous and has to blow every blade of grass off his sidewalk (into the street).

I judge the arrival of spring by the senior across the alley. Once the snow no longer flies, he uses his leaf blower religiously every Tuesday at 1 pm. Does he not remember that that is nap time? (Oh yeah, that’s the women’s department.) I’m actually surprised he does not “leaf” blow his snow.

Another neighbor does use his snow blower late at night and early in the morning (when children and adults are sleeping).

You want to know how much men love power tools? My neighbor on the corner is landscaping his yard. He rented a bobcat. BIG power tool! He has had it for over a week. He has hauled and pushed and hauled and pushed multiple hours at a time, in the early, early mornings, at 10 pm, and in the rain

I wonder about the length of time that men put into their toys:
Do they simply enjoy these toys?
Is it a feeling of power? Urghh, urghh urghh!
Or is it an excuse to shirk other responsibilities around the house? (especially the children)

(I am just having fun with the stereotype and in no way mean to offend. I do also recognize that there are exceptions to the stereotypes.)

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