When my siblings and I hit the teen years, my mother started saying: “If I die, you’ll all follow 3 days later.” The “you” included my father. We all thought, “ha!”

Now that I am a wife and mother, I get it! Geesh!

See, the little things just don’t take care of themselves. I’ll give you just a few examples:

  • Change the toilet paper roll . . . with plenty of notice
  • Change the hand towel in the bathroom and kitchen
  • Laundry (do I need to mention this one?)
  • Throw away the dirty diaper lying on the floor
  • Push the trash down in the garbage can so it does not fall out (it won’t bite and you can wash your hands!)
  • Straighten and sort the receipts
  • Keep the social calendar and make play dates
  • Send birthday cards, holiday wishes and the such on behalf of the family
  • Plan family birthday celebrations—Including my own
  • The 12 year old girl will not go to bed unless I tell her. (I am slowly training the father to direct her to go to bed.)
  • My groom of 16 years will not go to bed until I come to bed. He needs more sleep then I do, but if I do not join him until 1 am, he’ll still be up.

There are other times that I feel my hubby is invisible to the children. Fellow Moms, I know you can relate:

  • At the dinner table all requests are directed at . . . MOM.
  • In the middle of the night when a dear child comes to our room in need, who do they wake? MOM.
  • Additionally, who do they wake in the morning demanding breakfast? MOM.
  • Who do they ask to help them with “xxxxx?” MOM.

You have also heard the expression, “God couldn’t be everywhere so he created mothers.” And now you know why.