What is it with men and their modern toys? We women will never get understand.
The guy kitty-corner uses his leaf blower for hours on end. He IS quite meticulous and has to blow every blade of grass off his sidewalk (into the street).

I judge the arrival of spring by the senior across the alley. Once the snow no longer flies, he uses his leaf blower religiously every Tuesday at 1 pm. Does he not remember that that is nap time? (Oh yeah, that’s the women’s department.) I’m actually surprised he does not “leaf” blow his snow.

Another neighbor does use his snow blower late at night and early in the morning (when children and adults are sleeping).

You want to know how much men love power tools? My neighbor on the corner is landscaping his yard. He rented a bobcat. BIG power tool! He has had it for over a week. He has hauled and pushed and hauled and pushed multiple hours at a time, in the early, early mornings, at 10 pm, and in the rain

I wonder about the length of time that men put into their toys:
Do they simply enjoy these toys?
Is it a feeling of power? Urghh, urghh urghh!
Or is it an excuse to shirk other responsibilities around the house? (especially the children)

(I am just having fun with the stereotype and in no way mean to offend. I do also recognize that there are exceptions to the stereotypes.)

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