Have you ever had one of those mornings when you awake and are not sure WHERE you are?

I slept in at least three different places in my house last night.

I started my night in my own bed—snug and comfy. Of course, right after falling asleep, I am abruptly wakened by cave boy #1.

“I’m scared. Can I sleep in your bed?”


We have a sleeping bag permanently stationed on our bedroom floor for just such cases.

Twenty minutes later I am awakened again by cave boy #1.

“I’m still scared.”

So (heavy sigh), mom pulls her own pillow and blanket to the floor next to the sleeping bag. At last the boy falls asleep.

At some point, I awake and return to my own bed.

At 5:15 in the morning, cave boy #2 wakens mom. (It’s always mom.)

“I wet my pants.”

I take cave boy #2 to the bathroom for a quick wash down–tying to keep him quiet in hopes that he will go back to sleep. Who wants to be up at 5:30 in the morning?!

He is cleaned and changed. Back to bed.

But alas, an inquiry.

“Mom, will you sleep with me?”

Cave boy #2 is still in a crib. He and I snuggle into cave boy #1’s vacated bed.

Hooray, cave boy #2 is met with slumber. And mom too.

They both sleep until 7:30 am. This is an hour later then usual.

Surprisingly, I am not feeling tired this morning.

However, one thing perplexes me: Once during the night I awoke ON the toilet! I wonder how long I slept THERE?!