My hubby and 11 yr old daughter spent 12 days in Taiwan.

Friends and acquaintances would inquire how I was doing caring for the two cave boys on my own. In some ways I felt that I was on vacation. It amazed me. I did not expect what did occur to happen.

It was a huge relief to have two less people vying for my attention. My stress level went way down. Sure I had to pick up a few more chores (3), but I knew the chores would get done. I did not have to prod my daughter or hubby.

The boys were totally reliant on me. My knowing that was in an odd way, a stress-release. While my hubby is around I often hope for him to pick up some slack in the child care area. I could not arm chair parent or look the other way, hoping that “Dad will get this one.” (You know you all do it. Parenting is tiring.)

I have high expectations. I rely greatly on agreed upon roles as well as non-verbal signals that try to tell my hubby “I just need a little break” or as I said, “Could you get this one?”

I’m glad for school to start up—glad for the routines to be back in place. And now, I have to re-set my expectations and readjust my stress barrier.

(I truly write this in fun. I’m not trying to pat myself on the shoulder or brag about how wonderful I am. It IS an epiphany, but it is also reality in my home and I know I have to tune myself to find the happiness in it.)