For the past 7 weeks my groom and I attended a “marriage course” at our church. It included a candlelight, home made dinner. The children have become weary of Sunday nights. They accompany us to church, but are then scuttled off to child care where they eat their “lunch bag” supper.

We had told the cave boys that mom & dad have this Sunday supper meeting to help our marriage be stronger.

Jacob decided that when the course was finished that mom should take turns having a meeting with each of the three children. He so craves time alone with mom. How great that he can verbalize his needs—and in a creative way to boot! So, Jacob concluded that the meeting will consist of a meal out with mom.

Tonight Jacob and I (his mom) went out for supper. At first he wanted to go to Perkins (a family restaurant). Since first verbalizing his preference, Jacob changed his meal to McDonald’s AND invited 3 year old brother, Zachary, to join us!!

On our way out the door, Jacob revoked his invitation to include little brother. Guess Jacob wanted mom all to himself. That was a bit of a struggle. Always thinking, Jacob told brother, “Zachary, you don’t want to go to McDonald’s. You have to choose something. At home you can have anything you want.” Zachary did not bite. (no pun intended) Jacob persisted, “Zachary, do you want a juice box with your supper? Yea. You go choose a juice box.” As Zachary proceeded to the kitchen, Jacob concluded, “Problem solved. That fixes it. Let’s go, Mom!”

Upon entering McD’s, my son announced that we were having our wedding. I corrected him, saying, meeting. The rest of the night he continued to call it our wedding. Although, I knew he really knew otherwise. I asked Jacob what we should talk about? He said, “You, Mom. That’s what you talk about at your meeting.” I told him we should talk about our Mom & Son relationship. Jacob was so happy to be with me. Our meeting was not as long as the marriage course meeting time, but Jacob was satisfied. He is so a-dor-a-ble!!! “I love him forever.”