I hate shopping for new underwear. Why fix what ain’t broken? The same “pair” of women’s underwear can change every six months.

Last week I spent 30 minutes staring at the selection of underwear in the store. I tried to limit myself on the time. The view through the package told me that the “same” underwear I bought the last time around was not the “same” underwear this time around. I wondered: Should I give it whirl? I did. They are NOT the “same.”

On a second trip I spent 45 minutes trying to decide which package to give a try this time. I bought 5 different styles and sizes! (This way I can make fewer trips—Like I said, I do not have the time to stare at underwear!) And that still isn’t a guarantee. Sure, the package says the undies are made of pre-shrunk cotton.

Who do the manufacturers talk to about the current underwear? What makes them change it? I wonder if they talk to the women who buy and wear the undies? And who designs the undies? Men? I am a busy mom. Many days can go by with little joy and/or comfort. I cannot mess around with my undies. They have to feel good.

Another thing, I admit it: After 3 kids and 15 years of marriage, it is now all about the comfort. I don’t share my undies with my man too often. Anyway, I have “special” ones tucked away in the back of the drawer for those occasions! (And those for sure are not comfy! Oh, what we’ll do for our guy!)

Do they change men’s’ underwear? No! Same undies year after year. . . . . Maybe I should switch to men’s. I have my own “boy’s briefs.” They are extremely comfy, and I think they are sexy!

From now on, when I find a good fit, I‘m buying every package in a 15 mile radius! (Assuming my body is not going to change in size/shape.)