When we first moved to our house, Emma was 4 years. We did not have a play set outside. Emma was invited to use the play set two doors over. It contained 2 swings, one slide and one rope.

Three years ago we inherited a large outdoor play set from our church.  In fair weather it is used daily.

After we adopted our BIG play set, the neighbor removed the swings and slide from their SMALL play set. It now hosts two seat hammocks (for the adults of the home).

Since this spring, Jacob (soon to be 5 yrs) and his neighbor friend Shane (8 yrs) are more often found camped out at the top of the SMALL play set. Since the ladder was removed, they use a toy car to hoist themselves up to the platform.

Go figure!

(Notice the collection of tiny green apples atop the platform of the small play set.)