Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor says, “Arrr . . .  Arrr . . .Arrr.”

Krista “The Perfectionist” says, “ARRGH!”

I learned several things when attempting a minor home improvement project this morning:

  1. If you want your plan to go the way you think it will—it WILL NOT!

Especially because of item #2.

  1. Do not attempt a home improvement project, no matter how small, if you have children about.

They will not leave you alone. A 15 minute project can take over an hour when kids are present (even if you think you have them set up with their own activity).

  1. Centipedes do not like to be disturbed by a human’s home improvement project.

I do not like to be disturbed by centipedes period! That particular 2 inch critter will never walk the face of this earth again. It put up a good fight with the vacuum cleaner though!

  1. I need my own complete set of tools—one of every kind.

My groom cannot be relied upon for such a resource. The man does not even know where his own tools are—scattered here and there throughout the house. Hm, when I first met him I was told, “You are welcome to use my tools. When you’re finished, always clean them and always return them to their rightful spot.”

  1. My 1934 house was built with wonderful craftsmanship!

How hard can it be to remove trim and a baseboard? The detail is to be admired. No shortcuts here–even in the closet! (Am I making you nervous Steve?)

All in all, I was indeed, successful. The closet is as imagined (just need a bigger one), the children have resumed well-behaved play and, as stated, the centipede is gone.