Do you Facebook? I Facebook. Mostly to talk with others. But sometimes I try the applications and quizzes.


A friend took the quiz, “Which Bible Character Are You?” I thought, hm, why not?


My result: Paul. One question was about the type of work you want to do. One option was “bum.” I chose bum, because it fit most. (There were 5 questions total. The answers were more odd then the answers.)


Was Paul a bum? I want to be a bum–in the sense that I do not want to work outside the home and just want to play. I guess he was kind of a “bum.” He traveled around telling people about Jesus.


Is this a message then that I am to witness to other stay-at-home mom’s? I am a bad example. I fall many times a day. Only by the Grace of God do my children continue to think I am the greatest!