This isn’t directly related to moms or kids in regard to a “story” or thought. But this is really cool and I want to share it.

When Tim Tebow led the Florida Gators to the 2009 national football championship, he witnessed to his faith in Jesus Christ by painting “John 3:16” on his “eye black.” That night the most googled item on the internet was “John 3:16.” Tebow usually has Phil 4:13 painted on his eye black.

Your “Eye Black Verse” is a verse from the Christian Bible that you choose to profess your faith in the Christian God.

At my church, Hope Presbyterian, the pastors and lead staff are testifying as to what their “eye black verse” would be. And challenging the congregation to do the same.

How about you? Do you have a verse that you would paint on your eye black? I have to get back to you about what mine is. I am mulling it over and praying about it. How would God use me in this way? How do I profess my faith and all that I believe in one short Bible verse? Wow! That is a big one to put some time in to. Please share your verse–when you are ready.