Are you multi-lingual? I am!


English Language

My kids also speak English. Surprisingly, they often do not understand me!


Caveman Speak

My kids speak Caveman. They expect me to understand them. When I speak Caveman (cavewoman—or yelling in layman terms), sometimes my kids respond.


You’re Interrupting My Life! Language

Have you seen the movie Bolt? You know the part where the dogs in the pound get a hold of a ball? The attendant on duty responds with something like, “I’m reading . . . . I just . . I’m . . .5 Minutes . . . Oh come on . . . I’m read . . . . Whaaaat? . . . .Agh . . . I’m COMING!” Though often used, this lingo is not really expected to get a response.


The Un-Named Language (of course)

You know when you do not want you kid to touch something or do something and you are reacting quickly? It comes out something like, “Ah Ba ba ba ba Ah aaa Eh eh Ba ba ba.” It is often accompanied by a pointing finger. You know. I think only moms can do this—not dads.


Unspkoken Language

Again, this in one that only the moms have mastered. We know what our child wants or thinks almost before they think it. It is fun to see the amazement on their face when “caught in the act.” Or to see the love when we get them what they want before they have completed their sentence.



Most of all, I like to believe that I speak love to my children. They may not realize it until after the fact, late in the day, or until they are grown.



“If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say, Don’t Say Anything at All” quoted by Mom 

I also have to remind myself that it is for Love that I am a Mom and thus is best to watch what comes out of my mouth!