Lisa Berry is a DJ on a Minneapolis Christian radio station.


I know we are already half way through January, but  . . . .


One day before Christmas, Lisa Berry encouraged listeners to choose a song that would guide us through the 2009 year. What a wonderful idea!  (This instead of or in addition to a new year’s resolution.)


So, I am passing that idea on to you. Perhaps you may even want to print it out and hang it where it can be a daily reminder. (Maybe next to the bathroom mirror or the door you last you go out each day.)


I have chosen Mercy Me’s song “Bring the Rain.”

This song spoke to me the first time I heard it last fall. Even at that time, I asked the Lord to keep the song in my heart and to own it and strive to live by it. The chorus especially speaks to me. I do just want the chance to be free. And I strive to find the freedom and peace in even those daily things that bring me pain so that I will turn them around to give God the glory.


(I am not sure about putting the lyrics on the internet for copy right reasons. So I encourage you to look up the words. You can go (to another radio station) to find the lyrics.