I used to be a perfectionist.

I still believe that everything has a place and that, there is indeed, a place for everything.

However, I got married AND then had kids.

Time and children demand that you set aside all thoughts of perfectionism.

Take laundry. I used to fold my towels to a perfect square. All sides matched up and you could balance an elephant on my pile of towels! These days you will find my towels folded. Albeit a bit crooked, but the piles do still stand.

Washcloths (or face cloths) are another story. I don’t even fold them. We have enough room in the bathroom to dedicate one drawer to wash cloths. The cloths are tossed in without being folded. One advantage to this is that the children can help sort laundry. They actually enjoying diving in and looking for the wash cloths.

In regard to clothes, we have very few that need to be ironed. This is an excellent idea for the busy family. It does require being attentive to the end of your dryer cycle, as not all clothes are completely wrinkle proof. I also suggest not sorting socks. Just throw them in the drawer or a basket. Come on, admit that you too have at least one kid that purposely mis-matches her/his socks. They love the power!


  originally written 2/25/2008